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Florida Keys Tarpon Top 10 Questions Answered

Florida Keys Tarpon Top 10 Questions Answered

February 26, 2021 by

I get a lot of questions regarding fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys.  I have compiled my top 10 from all the questions I get asked about.  Here they are and feel free to leave comments  and I will get back to you as soon as  I can.  

1.  What kind of  bait do you use to fish for Tarpon in the Florida Keys?   The bait of choice in the Florida Keys is live crabs or mullet, it just depends on where I'm fishing.  If I am fishing Marathon area I like using Mullet but when I am fishing Big Pine Key or Bahai Honda crab is number one.

2.  Do I need a fishing license?  When fishing with a properly licensed fishing guide, you don't need a fishing license while fishing on the fishing guides boat.  Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler covers all licenses bait and tackle for all it's clients.  

3.  What should I bring on the charter?  When you book a Tarpon trip of a lifetime with the Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler, we are equipped with all safety equipment fishing licenses, bait, tackle and bottled water.  If you plan to fish a full day, I recommend you pack a lunch, snacks and your favorite beverages.  A camera is highly recommended to capture some epic memories and of your Tarpon Catch and the beauty of the Florida Keys.

4.  Can we keep and eat Tarpon?  Tarpon are big beautiful chromed sport fish.  In Florida Tarpon are catch and release.  There is a one time permit available from FWC for $50.00.  However they are not good eating fish and if you want a mount Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler can arrange a fiberglass replica for  you that will look much better than a skin mount.  

5.  What kid of rod and reel setup is best for fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys?  The rods and reels we use at Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler are all large spinning reel set ups.  We use 7'-8' extra heavy spinning reels spooled up with 40-50 lbs of braided fishing line.  The rod and reel combination is perfect for  fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys.

6.  When is the best month to fish for Tarpon in the Florida Keys?  Tarpon can be fished just about all year, however Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler concentrates on the best months of the year.  April, May and early June are the pinnacle of Tarpon Season in Marathon and Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys.  The large schools of Tarpon gather in the passes and along the bridges which create a great spectical to  see.  

7.  Do you offer 1/2 days trips for Tarpon?  Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler offers 1/2 and full days of fishing for groups up to 4 passengers.  We recommend you book in advance to ensure you get the exact date you would like.  1/2 day=4 hours Full Day=8 hours.  Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler recommendations for 1/2 vs. full day, 1-2 anglers 1/2 day 3-4 anglers for full day.

8.  Do you need a lot of fishing experience to catch a Tarpon?  You don't have to have any experience but there will be a learning curve on the proper technique.  I emphasize the technique.  Although Tarpon are very strong and make fast long runs and make spectacular jumps, Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler will teach you the proper technique.  Even children can be successful at landing a Tarpon using the proper technique.  

9.  How many people can you accommodate on the boat when fishing for Tarpon?  Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler can take up to 4 passengers, but we fish 2 at a time taking turns on the rods.  The reason for this is the fast moving currents in the Florida Keys especially around Marathon 7 mile bridge and Bahai Honda make it impossible to fish more lines without getting tangled up  with each other, which actually means more fish and less waiting for your guide to untangle or re-tie lines.  

10.  Where is the best place to fish for Tarpon?  There are many great places to fish for Tarpon around the state of Florida from Tarpon Springs to Southwest Florida but for me nothing is better than fishing for Tarpon in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys.  The waters around Marathon, Bahai Honda and Big Pine Key is breathtaking, so crystal clear you can see Tarpon 15' down under your boat.  

Make sure to book your Tarpon Trip with the Florida Keys Tarpon Wrangler early, dates are filling up.  There is no better place than the beautiful keys to take a break, relax and fish in paradise. 

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